Prior to providing you with any advice on your digital marketing strategy, an experienced digital marketer from Leadvertising Solutions will do an in-depth research on your company, product, goals, as well as your competitors' advantages and disadvantages. This will allow us to get to know your business better and be able to provide you with the most relevant approaches for achieving growth.

In case you have an ongoing digital marketing activity (AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.), we would revise it and will identify what you could do better. The account audit contains recommendations on your current account settings, account structure, campaign types, keywords, creative assets, bidding strategies, targeting criteria, landing pages, etc. Its purpose is to help you drive more relevant traffic to your website, which results in less expensive conversions.



The digital marketing strategy is based mostly on your business goals and what you want to achieve with investing in any of the advertising channels. Building the strategy for your business depends on whether you'd like to raise brand awareness or increase sales/signups/file downloads or clicks. However, the most important factor is your website to be user-friendly and to have an easy navigation. Therefore, as part of the strategy build process, we will advise you on how to improve your website.


After we agree on the strategic approach, we can implement the changes on your current account or create a new one. Complete account setup depends on how many campaigns you have and how granular we went with the targeting criteria.


Once campaigns are set up and launched, the first positive results are expected within the first two weeks. The account needs to be constantly monitored, especially during the first month. Regular performance analysis will help to improve the performance further.


After having the campaigns live for a certain time, usually a month, your dedicated digital marketing expert from Leadvertising Solutions will follow up with a monthly analysis, which looks almost like the initial audit. It covers all types of settings, targeting, keywords, and creatives and advises on what works well and what needs to be changed to get better traffic. At this stage we can start looking at changing targeted landing pages and cost per acquisition goal.


According to the performance analysis, all changes get implemented into the account. Ongoing optimizations are also highly recommended in order to prevent showing your ads on irrelevant search terms or to irrelevant audiences, which would impact your cost per click and acquisition.


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