5 Best Practices to Optimize a PPC Campaign

Leadvertising Solutions advises on 5 quick tips on how to manage your pay-per-click accounts like a boss!

In this article you’ll most certainly find something that is applicable to each of your accounts. Maybe not all the steps are suitable to every business or objective, but in most situations this is the guide to be followed when optimizing your accounts. We have applied all of those on many small and big accounts we manage at Leadvertising Solutions and they work awesome every time. Hence, we decided to share this with you, since no PPC article on the internet has mentioned it yet

#1 Campaign priorities

Make sure you allocate your budget to top performing campaigns first, reaching to 100% impression share and whatever is left, allocate to the rest of the campaigns, again prioritizing better performing ones. Whether you are just launching an account, or optimizing an ongoing one, you should be getting highest traffic (clicks) from your exact match type campaigns. This way, you’ll lead the most relevant users to your website at the lowest price. Second best performing should be phrase and least best performing would be broad modified match type campaigns. For those asking, you can have classic broad match type campaigns, but bear in mind this will deliver highly irrelevant and much more expensive clicks. So if you have extra money to spend and you’ve covered everything else, you could create also classic broad match type campaigns. And yet, be sure to add as negatives as many irrelevant keywords as possible to make sure you don't serve ads for those.

#2 Settings

Following the above, if you’d like to drive as much as possible from the most relevant and cheapest clicks, set the delivery method of your brand campaigns to accelerated. If you set them to standard, Google will be showing your ads taking into account the budget you’ve assigned to them, spreading it equally during the whole day. For example, 100 users search for your brand term keywords in the morning, but Google knows your budget is just £100 for the whole day and doesn’t want to exhaust it just in the morning, so your ad will be shown just a few times. At the end of the day you’ll still have some budget left for the users searching then. However, if you set your delivery method to accelerated, Google will show your ad as many times as users search for your brand terms until it exhaust your budget. The latter might even happen at 2pm. Since you want to have the highest amount of clicks coming through, best thing for you would be to assign high daily budget amount to your brand campaigns, so that Google doesn’t exhaust it by midday if needed.

If your account has been ongoing and is not new, optimize it on keywords level first. That is to say, that if you see that one of your campaigns has significantly higher CPA than the rest, the reason for it might be just one keyword, so pausing the whole campaign would be a mistake. Better go on keyword level  and pause the inefficient keywords. Besides, if just one keyword is spending the campaign’s budget, it is most likely restraining the rest of the keywords to actually perform. It is very manual work, but it remains the best approach when optimizing campaigns. If you still need to cut out of spend and you’ve done all possible optimizations on keyword level, start looking at ad group level. The latest, you could optimize at campaign level. This is the strategy we follow at Leadvertising Solutions and it pays off every time with every client - large or small.

#3 Ad Extensions

Adding all applicable ad extensions to your campaigns is the biggest quick win you could have. Ad extensions are proven to impact positively the CTR and CPC by at least 15% and that right after implementation. You shouldn’t even wait for a specific amount of time for these to come into action. Once Google approves them, you start seeing the immediate effect – more clicks, higher CTR, lower CPC and even more impressions, since Google starts seeing your ad as more relevant due to the higher CTR and starts showing it more than before. Sweet, ha?

#4 Remarketing

Most of the time when we run generic campaigns, the CPA turns out to be very high and sometimes we have to pause those. Well, if you want to be sure you’ve tried everything possible to make them work before cut them from your strategic plan, you can create re-marketing campaigns. For example, you can assign audience lists to your generic campaigns and show your ads for generic terms only to users who’ve already visited your website or whatever audience you consider narrower (users, who’ve previously spent 2 minutes on your webpages, visited any other of your webpages, who have already bought a product from you, etc.). This strategy is expected to target the most relevant users to your pages, who are also most likely to convert. If that doesn’t work for you either, maybe it’s time to allocate your spend on some other channel.

Many of our clients are not aware of the opportunity they are missing on as they don't have remarketing campaigns. At Leadvertising Solutions, we always check the audiences available and prioritise remarketing campaigns in our digital marketing planning.

#5 Dynamic search campaigns (DSA)

Have you wondered how to increase the reach of your accounts to drive more impressions and clicks or to add more relevant keywords to your account but you lack ideas? DSA campaigns might be just right for you. These campaigns are meant to show your ads for keywords, which you are not yet bidding on but are on your webpage and users are searching for them. You only need to select a webpage, which Google will be scanning and based on that it will be picking up keywords, relevant to users’ searches and will show your ad. Now, Google claims they are excluding the keywords you currently have in the account, so that there is no overlap, but still to be sure on your side, add your current keywords as negatives to the DSA campaign.

DSA campaigns are very suitable for managers who don't have much time to optimize their campaigns and look for keywords. At Leadvertising Solutions we're not really a fan of this type of campaigns as we prefer to spend time on finding the best keywords to bid on.

Hopefully, you found this post helpful. Feel free to comment it and open a discussion on any issues you might have!

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