Case Study: Kitchen Retailer's Google Ads in the Times of Pandemic

One of our clients we acqiured this year is a kitchen retailer in the UK. We have been working with this client since May 2020. The goal of our client was to achieve as many leads - make people request a free one-to-one design appointment. People can easily book an appointment at no cost and without commitment. One of the kitchen retailer's designers calls their potential client and discusses the design for their own kitchen in person. Nothing could be easier... in normal times. This year though, it's been getting more difficult to get into people's homes, the interest in getting in contact with new people has decreased and the business has started to struggle to get leads and converting them into clients.

Anyways, the goal remained the same - get as many client requests by phone as possible. The aim was to reduce the cost per lead to the minimum.

We decided it would be best to create a new paid search brand and generic campaign. Separating brand traffic is a major step in the optimisation of the overall performance.

A standard display campaign to retarget users who have previously been on the website and have left without requesting a free appointment was the second main step of our strategy. Showing banners to those users around the display network of websites where they spend time to remind them of the kitchen retailer's offer was our strategy to get them back into our conversion funnel. Last but not least, we started retargeting those users in Gmail as well.

Goal: Decrease CPA, increase Phone Calls and Registrations for a Free one-to-one design appointment

Campaign Type: Paid Search ads brand and generic; Standard Display Remarketing, Smart Display, Gmail Remarketing


- There weren’t any brand keywords in the account --> Adding these significantly improved the overall website performance, not just paid search.

- There were broad match type keywords only --> Exact and broad modified match type.

- Created a new campaign structure --> a campaign dedicated to broad generic keywords; another one for long-tailored generic keywords; separate campaign for brand terms; another campaign for keywords with locations. The campaigns were also splitted by match type.

- An SQR was done --> added relevant keywords to the campaigns. Negative keywords were also added

- We thought we should boost direct phone calls --> Selected device bid adjustments to prioritise the traffic from mobile

- Added audiences for observation --> They were used at a later stage to optimise the targeting

- Created remarketing campaigns --> They helped to reduce the CPA


Conversion results from Oct 2019 until May 2020 versus the results from May 2020 until October 2020 (during which we've managed the account).

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