We are a small digital marketing advertising agency working with small and medium companies (SMEs). So far we’ve been approached by our clients via LinkedIn, Freelancer.com or by getting referred by our current clients.

Digital Marketing agency in London and Burgas focused on PPC (pay-per-click)

We are experienced in managing:

- Paid search campaigns: Google Ads, Bing, Yandex

- Paid social media campaigns: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Our main goal is campaigns creation, management and optimization in order to increase our clients’ revenue.

Leadvertising Solutions has been working with clients in the IT, Retail, Financial, Fashion, Real Estate and Interior Design industry helping them increase the number of clicks, leads, sales, sign-ups or any other goal they might have.

HOW do WE work?

There are a few steps we're taking every time we are talking to a new business. Read through and find out how exactly we process the relationship with our clients:

1. When we have our first discussion, we’ll first have a look at your website and establish whether it has a smooth user navigation, user-friendly interface and conversion tracking installed.

2. Then we’ll ask you about your previous experience with online advertising and what would you like to achieve.

Although it sounds very easy and clear, many business owners set unrealistic goals for their campaigns and within a short time, they’re deciding to rather stop investing in online advertising because of the lack of good results. In most cases, the reason why digital ads don’t work is either because the campaigns are not set up in the correct way, or there is no conversion tracking, or the expectations are too unrealistic. When we first talk to you we’ll be able to identify the type of issue within minutes.

In case we think that you should hold on pushing your ads for any reason, we’d rather tell you instead of getting you to start paying us for running your campaigns. If it’s best for you to first improve your website or add tracking codes prior to launching any online campaigns, or create a google analytics account to be able to track all the traffic, etc. we’ll advise you on this.

3. If you have an existing account, we’ll do a free audit to be able to tell you exactly what might be wrong and what you can improve.

The audit will include end-to-end analysis of your campaigns set up, ad scheduling, location targeting, audience targeting, keywords, ads, ad extensions, landing pages and conversion tracking. Besides, we’ll have a look at your competitors’ website and ads and will provide you with some suggestions on what you could improve to get some quick wins.

4. Once you have all the above information, you’ll be in the position to decide whether you’d like to work with us and request a quote for our services.

The quote will be tailored exactly to your needs, without any additional fees for services you don’t need. As an example, we’ve had clients requesting to have a weekly report, which we would have charged them additionally for. Instead of agreeing to get paid more for this service, we responded that we could easily do this for them, but a monthly report makes much more sense in their case since their advertising budget is low and on a weekly basis there is not much to be shared about the performance.

5. If you decide to hire Leadvertising Solutions, this is an example list of services you could sign up for:

#1 Monitoring, managing and optimizing on daily basis:

o Paid Search Campaigns management to include:

  • Ad copy suggestions and implementation

  • Ad extensions suggestions (sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, promotion, call, review extensions, etc) and implementation

  • Campaign setup – adjusting all targeting criteria, adding keywords, ad groups, ads, ad extensions

  • Providing insights to the client on all questions in order to create an adequate digital marketing strategy to meet the company’s goals.

  • Keywords analysis, analyzing users’ search terms, adding new keywords to the accounts, negating irrelevant keywords

  • Analysis of gender, age, location, time of day, weekday

  • Developing and updating the best approach for delivering results keeping up to date with the latest AdWords features.

o Shopping Campaigns

o Google Merchant Centre

o Google Analytics Account

o Paid Social Campaigns

#2 Testing new ads and updating ads whenever needed (i.e. for promotional periods)

#3 Monthly Report to include:

  • Performance for the past month versus the previous

  • Main KPIs change (CPC, CTR, CR, Cost per transaction, Transactions, bounce rate, time spent on site)

  • Monitoring competitors (impression share and change in behaviour)

  • Other channels performance (direct, organic, social)

  • Recommendations for future steps

#4 Ad-hoc email or phone communication with the client

We’re working only in your favour aiming to maintain a long-term relationship. Therefore, we won’t be tying you down to a contract, neither will make you pay for something you don’t need. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us.


Your Leadvertising Team

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