Nowadays people are impatient. This is also the case when they initiate a search to solve any problem. Website owners are trying to make their websites load within 2 seconds because if it takes longer the user will click out and leave the site. Online visitors don’t read the whole content of a website and they quickly review the results of a search engine. Therefore, websites showing on the first page of organic results are no winners. If they were, google wouldn’t be earning so much money from advertisers. Mostly the top results matter and when there are advertisers bidding even a top search organic result is not enough.

On the images below there is an example of how the google search results would look like if you don't advertise. The possibilities are that either no one advertises on the selected search term or a competitor already advertises for it.

If no one advertises yet, it means there is an open opportunity there as the CPC for that keyword would be the lowest possible and you will get a competitive advantage by exposing your ad there. These are just a few of the reasons for you to advertise. For more detailed information and examples, continue reading the article...

Here are another 11 reasons why you will benefit from advertising on Google search even if you rank well in Google Organic results:


1. People search in different ways. The shortest and broad in meaning search terms

remain the constant traffic triggers. The long-tailored search phrases though, which are more likely to lead to a sale, vary all the time. Every single year about 20% of the initiated search terms are absolutely new. You can’t optimise your website to rank well on all existing and arising search terms. But you can immediately expose your ad bidding on all keywords variations.

2. It is extremely difficult to rank high for highly competitive keywords. And these are the keywords, which bring the most sales.

3. Even if your website ranks well, there are a few possible down sides in your case:

  • Your organic result is not well optimised and the title tags and meta descriptions are not well written. Besides, these only describe the website content, they don’t have a selling call to action.

  • There is no call to action

  • There is no option to select the sitelinks and sitelinks not always show up. The organic result is entirely depending on the google search algorithm.

  • Ranking well is not enough in organic results. Ranking first is what matters (mostly because of the impatience of the user)

  • Even if you rank on 1st position, in case there is any advertiser bidding on the keywords you are ranking, your organic result gets pushed down in the page. Especially, if the search is conducted on a mobile device, it is possible that your organic results won’t show up before the user scrolls down.

4. Another point to mention is that a combination of an organic result and a paid search ad is giving the users a second choice. It is also more convincing that the brand is well established and is taking more of the users’ attention with an ad. Many case studies have been done to prove that advertising and SEO optimisation together bring the most sales.


5. An ad gives the option to add additional type of information, such as sitelinks, callout extensions, promotional extensions, structured snippets, location targeting.

  • Sitelinks – they lead the user to a specific page of the website, which might be more relevant to their interest when they search for a keyword. For example, if you are selling Nike, Adidas, Puma sneakers, you could have sitelinks of your ad leading to each of these brands making the user to the quickest way of making a purchase.

  • Callout extensions help you promote special conditions you are offering such as free delivery, 24 hour service, working on weekends, etc.

  • Call extension allows showing your phone number, which can be directly clicked from the ad – again shortening the users’ way to conversion.

  • Snippets help you showing the different types of services/products you are offering.

  • Location targeting enables the option to serve ads and phone numbers tailored to specific locations. Those extensions also allow you to advertise on Google maps when a user is searching for a related location to yours.

6. If you create a specific promotional page and you want to lead the most traffic there as it is generating the most sales for you, you can’t do this with organic results. You can do this with paid ads immediately.

7. When you advertise in Google search, your brand is taking more space on the search engine, pushing competitors down (especially on mobile)

8. If there are no advertisers yet, the CPC will be low anyway – cheap customers

9. You can create specific audiences and target them with tailored ads. For example, you can offer a coupon code to those who have been on your website and have added something to their cart but didn’t finish the purchase. You can use Google search ads for bringing more customers to your site, which you can target with a Facebook ad after they visit your site. This will help you decrease the cost of acquisition in your social media ads!

10. If anyone starts advertising bidding on your brand name, it won’t matter that your organic result is well ranked. The competitor will certainly “steal” a lot of your potential customers. This is also the case if someone advertises on the generic keywords where you are only showing up in organic results.

11. You are already advertising on Facebook ads and you’re doing well? Guess what, the search ads will convert even better in your case! The difference? – On facebook you’re showing your ad to people who are not specifically looking for it at the moment they are exposed to it. In google, people are looking specifically for what you are offering.

You can create a promotional ad for every specific location or offer special discounts to specific age groups, gender, nationality, etc. For example, you can offer a promotion to mothers on mother’s day. You can also create ads with a discount during a specific time of day. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can offer a discount to users searching for lunch between 11am and 2pm in the area of your restaurant.

To summarise, you will






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