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We are a small digital marketing advertising agency working with small and medium companies (SMEs). So far we’ve been approached by our clients via LinkedIn, Freelancer.com or by getting referred by our current clients.


We are experienced in managing:

- Paid search campaigns: Google Ads, Bing, Yandex

- Paid social media campaigns: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Our main goal is campaigns creation, management and optimization in order to increase our clients’ revenue.

Leadvertising Solutions has been working with clients in the IT, Retail, Financial, Fashion, Real Estate and Interior Design industry helping them increase the number of clicks, leads, sales, sign-ups or any other goal they might have.

HOW do WE work?

There are a few steps we're taking every time we are talking to a new business. Read through and find out how exactly we process the relationship with our clients:

1. When we have our first discussion, we’ll first have a look at your website and establish whether it has a smooth user navigation, user-friendly interface and conversion tracking installed.

2. Then we’ll ask you about your previous experience with online advertising and what would you like to achieve.

Although it sounds very easy and clear, many business owners set unrealistic goals for their campaigns and within a short time, they’re deciding to rather stop investing in online advertising because of the lack of good results. In most cases, the reason why digital ads don’t work is either because the campaigns are not set up in the correct way, or there is no conversion tracking, or the expectations are too unrealistic. When we first talk to you we’ll be able to identify the type of issue within minutes.

In case we think that you should hold on pushing your ads for any reason, we’d rather tell you instead of getting you to start paying us for running your campaigns. If it’s best for you to first improve your website or add tracking codes prior to launching any online campaigns, or create a google analytics account to be able to track all the traffic, etc. we’ll advise you on this.

3. If you have an existing account, we’ll do a free audit to be able to tell you exactly what might be wrong and what you can improve.

The audit will include end-to-end analysis of your campaigns set up, ad scheduling, location targeting, audience targeting, keywords, ads, ad extensions, landing pages and conversion tracking. Besides, we’ll have a look at your competitors’ website and ads and will provide you with some suggestions on what you could improve to get some quick wins.

4. Once you have all the above information, you’ll be in the position to decide whether you’d like to work with us and request a quote for our services.

The quote will be tailored exactly to your needs, without any additional fees for services you don’t need. As an example, we’ve had clients requesting to have a weekly report, which we would have charged them additionally for. Instead of agreeing to get paid more for this service, we responded that we could easily do this for them, but a monthly report makes much more sense in their case since their advertising budget is low and on a weekly basis there is not much to be shared about the performance.

5. If you decide to hire Leadvertising Solutions, this is an example list of services you could sign up for:

#1 Monitoring, managing and optimizing on daily basis:

o Paid Search Campaigns management to include:

  • Ad copy suggestions and implementation

  • Ad extensions suggestions (sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, promotion, call, review extensions, etc) and implementation

  • Campaign setup – adjusting all targeting criteria, adding keywords, ad groups, ads, ad extensions

  • Providing insights to the client on all questions in order to create an adequate digital marketing strategy to meet the company’s goals.

  • Keywords analysis, analyzing users’ search terms, adding new keywords to the accounts, negating irrelevant keywords

  • Analysis of gender, age, location, time of day, weekday

  • Developing and updating the best approach for delivering results keeping up to date with the latest AdWords features.

o Shopping Campaigns

o Google Merchant Centre

o Google Analytics Account

o Paid Social Campaigns

#2 Testing new ads and updating ads whenever needed (i.e. for promotional periods)

#3 Monthly Report to include:

  • Performance for the past month versus the previous

  • Main KPIs change (CPC, CTR, CR, Cost per transaction, Transactions, bounce rate, time spent on site)

  • Monitoring competitors (impression share and change in behaviour)

  • Other channels performance (direct, organic, social)

  • Recommendations for future steps

#4 Ad-hoc email or phone communication with the client

We’re working only in your favour aiming to maintain a long-term relationship. Therefore, we won’t be tying you down to a contract, neither will make you pay for something you don’t need. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us.

Your Leadvertising Team

Find our how Leadvertising Solutions helped an IT service management company to start advertising and drive sales through Google Ads.

Have you been wondering whether it’s worth launching a paid search campaign? Well, if you have not, just bear in mind this is the easiest way to show your potential customers that you exist and you offer a fantastic product/service.

You can start being in front of their eyes overnight. How great is that!

One of our clients achieved a tremendous growth in sales coming from the Google ads account we are managing and I’d like to tell you about it.


The client is an IT service management company, one of the UK's fastest growing managed IT and cloud hosting providers and it’s also on the stocks market in the UK. When they contacted us they were just about to start their PPC campaigns and were looking for the right person to do this for them. Another client of Leadvertising Solutions referred us to them and here we are 5 months later achieving good results together.


As the company didn’t have any experience with PPC before, they weren’t sure whether they’ll be doing this as an always-on campaign. They wanted to test the water first and decide whether paid search is the right advertising channel for them without being tied down to a long-term contract for paid search services.

We discussed their needs and agreed on terms that suit both sides in terms of handling the account and how much it would cost. Another reason they chose to work with Leadvertising Solutions is that we are flexible with working hours, they count on us to manage their account but also to provide them with a valuable feedback regarding their overall business, including website conversion rate optimisation.


As for every other account, we’ve done the keywords research, looked through the competitor sites, made ad copy propositions and suggested an overall paid search strategy for allocating their monthly budget. If you’d like to know more about the steps we take when we start working with our clients, click here.

After the approval the campaigns went live. And for a long period of time, it was quiet, no conversions. Impressions and clicks were showing that we were on the right track, as the CTR was very good. Time spent on site was an indicator that we’ve got the right users on our site. Traffic through direct and organic channels was straight impacted by launching the paid campaigns. However, for 12 days we had zero conversions.


Our client’s website is in very good condition, user-friendly and mobile optimised. What is challenging though is that usually, the type of product they have takes a long time from the first user click to the actual conversion. The user journey consists of 3 different phases, which have to be taken into consideration when building the PPC strategy:

  • 1st Phase: They first go through a research phase, where it’s important for us to be visible. à Here you’re supposed to be patient as you’ll be seeing many impressions and not as many clicks and conversions, but the exposure is important. How else would the user find out about you.

  • 2nd Phase: When users go to next phase – selecting a few products/companies to compare. à If you’ve done a good job on creating and optimizing your website after we’ve gotten the right users to your website, they’ll include you in their shortlist of selected options for purchase.

  • 3rd Phase: They are comparing available prices for the product they’ve chosen and they convert. à Even if you have an amazing product, great website and maybe some positive reviews already, it is still possible to not get the client to choose you at the end. Looking for maybe cheaper options or products on promotion, users can easily get tricked into buying your competitor’s product. That’s why we always encourage our clients to call out any time of promotion, discount or anything for free, which we can mention on the ads. This will get the user’s attention every time they are comparing similar products like yours.


Implementing as many ad extensions as we could, targeting an audience as narrow as possible to make sure we’re driving the right traffic to the site justifying the limited monthly budget, we managed to start driving conversions. Happy ending story, the client decided to continue being present on Google ads and work with us.

If you are interested to find out how we can help your business start advertising online or improve your current accounts, get in touch. You can also check our blog regularly for more example case studies like this one. The initial consultation is for free, as well as the account audit.

Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get updates about PPC best practices and valuable insights from our experience.

Your Leadvertising Team

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Leadvertising Solutions' recommendations for small and medium-sized companies

One of the first things to consider, when setting up a new paid search campaign, is what keywords you should bid on. Usually, when we add long-tail keywords, we do it for generic campaigns, because a company like Nike wouldn’t mind targeting anyone looking for anything related to Nike for example, but they might not like to target everyone looking for running shoes and would rather tailor this down to specific types of searches (like gender, colour or models). That's why the number of generic keywords with more than 3 words is much higher than brand keywords.

When we select keywords for our clients at Leadvertising Solutions, relevancy always comes first. But what do we mean by relevancy? Is it single-worded search terms or should we bid on as many long-tailored keywords as possible? The answer to this question depends on the following 2 main factors:


  • Brand Awareness

If you’re interested in raising brand awareness, you might want to go for short tailored keywords.

+ it’s a much faster choice of keywords

+ campaigns are easier to manage, when you have less keywords within them

+ you’ll be able to get a lot of traffic delivered to your website, because especially in the research phase users are mainly looking for short-tail keywords

- you’d be paying high cost per click, due to the high competition on the short-tailored keywords, because the biggest brands hold on showing up for even the slightest related terms to their brands and they can afford it

- if you can’t pay high CPC, you would still get traffic, but you will appear on a lower position or on the bottom of the search page

  • Conversions

If you are measuring the success of your campaign by the amount of sales, sign-ups, newsletter downloads, more time spent on site or more pages clicked through, you should be bidding on both short- and long-tailored keywords. Bidding on short-tailored keywords would make your brand visible during the early phases of the search funnel*. Adding long-tailored keywords would remind the users at the end phase of the search funnel that they have already seen your ads when they initially started searching. Being aware of your brand already, they will be more likely to trust you and convert on your website. We've seen that a lot at Leadvertising Solutions and we use this as part of our digital marketing strategy.

*search funnel stays for searcher’s path from the very first searched term to the conversion (i.e. from searching for shoes to buying shoes)


At Leadvertising Solutions we manage small and medium clients, which spend between £500 and £2,500/month. It's always a good idea to have long-tailored keywords, but for small budgets it's the number 1 rule to go for. The lower your budget, the more long-tailored keywords you should bid on. Google sees advertisers bidding on long-tailored keywords as more relevant to what users are looking for, therefore Google offers these advertisers to serve their ads at a lower price.


  1. Big company, well-known brand optimizing towards travel bookings

  1. Small/Medium sized company optimizing towards account creation selling payment devices and competing with the worldwide known companies.

Depending on the campaign goal, we might find useful adding long-tail keywords. For instance, if our main KPI is CTR, we should bid on long-tail keywords, as CTR on those is significantly higher and CPC significantly lower.

If our goal is conversions though, we should be targeting short keywords, since their conversion rate and cost per acquisition are much better.

To conclude, we found at Leadvertising Solutions that the sweet spot is bidding on 3-word-keywords for both brand and non-brand campaigns.


  • You can simply bid on short tailored keywords and negate as much as possible irrelevant ones, so you prevent showing your ads and paying for clicks coming from users, who are actually searching for something else (negating "jobs" or “careers” if you don’t advertise for jobs, negating "for free" if you offer nothing for free, etc)"

  • The best approach for any type of campaign goal and budget would be to add both types of keywords and test which ones work best for you.

Let us know if you need help with identifying relevant keywords for your business. We can always give you a free advise.

Your Leadvertising Team

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